Verdict: Saddam to Hang...

The ousted president, visibly shaken, shouted out:
"Allahu Akbar!" (God is Greatest)
and "Long live the nation!"

So now some speak of Civil War... But we hope that with the fulfilled justice of the Iraqi People, so will be the end of the scraps of insurgence which have now lost handle amidst this newly formed government...(And that those who were newly to join the resistance; will join the reconciliation for a Free Iraq.)

As the Kurds have waited to be free from the likelihood of the return of this tyrant and his band of criminals; many have known that the return of Saddam's regime would have meant certain Death to all those who held hope for the future of Iraq...

And how has Iraq's first important trial of Democracy fared in other countries?

The West: In October... the struggle for the several trial postponements by the 'liberal Left defense of Saddam' were reflected in this absurd media claim:

CBS accuses US administration of:
Timing Saddam’s sentencing around mid-terms...

They together (with this media), chanted their assurances that "Sure Saddam is definitely responsible for the deaths of many when he was in power... but:
...At least Iraq remained united during his rule."

The chief judge also ordered former US Attorney-General
Ramsey Clark expelled from verdict session

The Brutality of Saddam:
I listened to only as much of the Saddam testimony as I could bare; which was very little... These were heart-wrenching testimonies given by witnesses, their families, as well as some of the 'few' actual survivors ... There is no such cruelty as that which fueled the fate of the Kurds...The horror of re-living the details of these horrific atrocities; including 'the Army's feeding of the dying and deceased Kurds to the army dogs'... (under Saddam's instruction.) Some of these Kurds, who endured the atrocities of Saddam, were often given the choice of death:
...Death by starvation, or Death by brutal beatings.

-Although this is the end of Saddam and his immediate clan...Who do I attribute these 'never ending' insurgence attacks? Who do I think that (without a single "in-person" intervention) provided fuel for the loyalists and insurgents who might ordinarily have "Cut and Run" from the support of Saddam?
Father's Wishes: A Loving Act of Devotion

The same-type philosophy was applied...(as above)...when it was said that:
"Sure he supposedly had some "Human Rights" issues,
... But we are human, and should be treated as such."

To view EXCELLENT 'short clip'...

HT: The Verdict -Wizbang reports:
Saddam verdict: Death by hanging

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Saddam Sentenced to Death by Hanging

StoptheACLU: The Verdict Is In: Saddam Gets Death Sentence
Chris at Outsidethebeltway:
Saddam Hussein Gets Death Penalty, News at 11
"No matter how it may play among the intelligentsia, attacking the
credibility of the court your client is being tried before is
probably not a winning strategy."

Death By Hanging For Hussein
Excerpt: "Meanwhile the demons are sharpening their pitchforks and preparing a special hot spot in hell for this evil former dictator."

Jo's CAFE: DEATH By Hanging…
Excerpt:"Yes, Saddam, God is Great because you are going to
pay for your murderous rampage in the name of God."

Saddam Sentenced To Death:
Where’s The Civil War?

William Teach posts comments at the Washington Post,
which include the typical leftist blame America, &
"can we cut and run in Iraq now?"

Stander's Point:
It's Official: Saddam
Hussein Found Guilty

Excerpt:Stander tells of his humanitarian missions in the Gulf War,
& talking to several Iraqis while visiting their towns!

Just a Swingin’; Saddam Will Be Hanged

Excerpt: "In any event, it might actually be more peaceful than
anyone though but then again, only time will tell.

Blue Crab Boulevard:
Saddam Hussein Gets Death Sentence
Excerpt:"When Saddam left the court he had that little smirk on his face. So the feigned outrage was theater, it would appear.

bRight & Early:
bRight & Early
Excerpt: Posts more info & very interesting "Blogospheric reactions!"...


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