Hizbollah: Stalling to Amass Weaponry

Militant, Hassan Nasrallah tells the UN:

"The resistance in Lebanon is strong,
cohesive, "Able and Ready!"
...As he issues UN-Peacekeepers this warning:
"We'll keep our rockets, missiles, and bombs; and if the
Peacekeepers make an increased attempt to disarm us:
"We will transform Lebanon into another Afghanistan!"
MB-06; Hizbollah’s Newest Trainees; "Living -with- Hizbolla."

Let's forget for a moment about the idea that Hizbollah claims to be "ready and able" to attack Israel; yet the world community expects Israel to sit and wait for the missiles to arrive…And let's forget about the fact that Hizbollah has just threatened United Nations Peacekeepers...
M.B. -06; French Peacekeepers

This Repeat Pattern is a Stall to Amass Weaponry!

Predictably, Hizbollah will (again) hide 'in-between' the human shields 'UN Peacekeeper forces'...It will (again) become too dangerous for the UN Peacekeepers; and (again) the Peacekeepers will withdraw...

Hizbellah doesn't want Peace!

So what are those outside this conflict really seeing? We're seeing how Hezbollah has created 'within Lebanon' a defined focus on the destruction of Israel; as it succeeds in plunging this country back into war. We are also seeing how Hizbollah has lost the Lebanese the trust or possibility of acquiring future business investors; while taking their sovereign country, and applying a visible divide within Lebanon's internal governmental stability...

And now, we are seeing that the Hezbollah alliance has been calling for a national unity government to replace Prime Minister Fouad Siniora's cabinet...

It is really quite clear that Lebanon is thrust so deeply into the fear of impending war with Israel, that they can hardly identify how Iran's trained Army (Hizbollah) has created a conflict that is replacing the stability of Lebanese society, today...

We are seeing another future Islamic State here!

I've posted the full-length film (Obsession) on this site earlier...
Here's a quick "little" 12 min. (abridged version) which shows
...The direction of this insanity!

Joscafe: “Obsession” on Fox News

Fox News Special - Obsession

Outsidethebeltway: Beltwaytrafficjam | Conservativecat

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