Improving Marine Biodiversity is Crucial

In losing species we lose the productivity
and stability of entire ecosystems
A (short) and powerful science awareness film...below.

According to the Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (Where this film is produced) Less than 1% of the oceans of the world are protected from over fishing (or exercise Kelp forest management)...This is a surprisingly correctable problem amidst a dwindling supply of our Earth's fish... In fact the long-term productivity of the seas, is one of the most important ways we can assure the health of our planet...and (perhaps) aid against the future decline and extinction of species...
There are several groups at which I support (See sidebar)
Improving Marine Biodiversity is Crucial
If we act now, we may avoid not only a severe decline in sea crops, but harmful algal blooms, ocean dead zones, fish kills, and the coastal flooding which are predicted at the current rate of unaddressed consumption & biodiversity loss... It is hard to believe that Earth may only see 30 more years of sea crops and balance, before experiencing severe shortages...
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