NY Times: WMD Election Splash

-U.S. Web Archive Is Said to Reveal a Nuclear Primer
-But now today, the war-critic's favorite: "New York Times", has just authenticated the entire collection of memos; some of which give very detailed accounts of Iraqi ties to terrorist organizations, as they verify that the IIS documentation is not only genuine:
"According to experts; Mr. Hussein’s scientists
(at the time) were on the verge of building an
Atom bomb... as little as a year away."
-According to the Times report:
"Last night, the government shut down the Web site after The New York Times asked about complaints from weapons experts and arms-control officials. "
This is supposed to be New News?... or is this is all they could come up with for a NYT November Surprise?...They've had to admit to the validity of this intelligence, in order to slam the Bush Administration for being careless with security Data...See story & links (below)

I don't suppose anyone remembers this little (non-bomb) NYT "Breach" (above) It pales in comparison, with any sensitive data. In fact, due to the NYT leak; it cost us vital support in the War (more in new post)... Hey, water under the bridge now...
So I say:

-N.Y Times complaining about leaks of sensitive information?
(I'll go with Allahpundit on the Operation Merlin!)
-Officials of the International Atomic Energy Agency fear
the information could help Iran develop nuclear arms?
(I.A.E.A: "Afraid Iran will develop Nuclear Arms?!")

Captain Ed explains: "It presents a powerful argument for the military action to remove Saddam from power...And he says, "Bear in mind that this intelligence came from the UN, and not from the United States. The inspectors themselves developed it, and they meant to keep it secret. The FMSO site blew their cover, and they're very unhappy about it."
-FLASH irony: The N.Y. Times acquired this information, while trying to
highlight the "weak-points" in the Bush Administration Security!

-View Captain's Quarters Excellent Archives (links below)
-2001 IIS memo directing its agents to test mass grave sites in southern Iraq for radiation, and to use "trusted news agencies" to leak rumors about the lack of credibility of Coalition reporting on the subject. They specify CNN.

- The Blessed July operation, in which Saddam's sons planned a series of assassinations in London, Iran, and southern Iraq

- Saddam's early contacts with Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda from 1994-7

-UNMOVIC knew of a renewed effort to make ricin from castor beans in 2002, but never reported it

- The continued development of delivery mechanisms for biological and chemical weapons by the notorious "Dr. Germ" in 2002...HT: -Read full Detail.
Michelle Malkin posts:
Suddenly, the New York Times is worried about dangerous disclosures
Hot air:
November surprise! NYT plans page-one Iraq WMD splash for tomorrow; Flashback: Operation Merlin

Saddam Closer to Bomb
Than Anyone-Thought

Saddam One Year Away
from Building Nuke

StoptheACLU update:
NY Times Runs Front Page Story
On Iraq Nuke Research

Saddam Nuke Docs Taken Off
Web Citing Copycat Danger
Mid-Term Must Read List!

Bluestarchronicles: New York Times: Saddam
was going Nuclear

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