Protecting Our Troops at Home...

Who is to blame for the insurgence in Iraq?

-Republicans say: Terrorist Militants...
-Democrats say: The Republicans...

If these attacks were on American soil after 9-11, would they say the same thing? I believe so. With ridicule of our volunteer army, instead of Militant Terrorists who wage attacks upon civilians and our troops, it is any wonder:
Mideast terror leaders to U.S.: Vote Democrat

-Names: Mideast terror leaders who say, Vote Democrat!
1)Jihad Jaara: Senior member (Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group)
2)Muhammad Saadi: Senior leader Islamic Jihad -N.W.Bank town of Jenin)
3)Abu Abdullah: Leader of Hamas’ military wing (Gaza Strip)
(And many, many, more.)

Of course, all Americans have the right to express their indifference to war. American Soldiers throughout the history of our nation have fought to help retain that right... But casual degradations and malicious attacks against the name of what our troops represent, has no respectability. And for the sake of gaining a media platform? It's unthinkable...

History has shown that negotiating with terrorists is something the Jimmy Carters of the world take pride in. It is also clear that the Democrat vote is pivotal to insurgent's plan... (But don't count on these pride of negotiations now...They will not assure Mideast terror leaders that this election will not cause immediate save the lives of anyone.)

A bit of FAQ from Ann's Syndicated Column (Read full article)
" This means that for Democrats simply to match the historical average gain for the party out of the White House during the first and second midterm, they would have to pick up 67 seats in the House and 11 seats in the Senate. They're about 30 Mark Foleys short of having that happen.

It at least seems clear that Democrat gains this year are going to fall far short of the historical average. No poll has the Democrats winning even half of their rightful midterm gains.

Despite the precedent of big wins in midterm elections for the party out of power – especially in a sixth-year midterm election – something is depressing the Democrats' popularity with Americans this year. I suspect it's the perception that many of them are Democrats." ...Continue reading
-Others posting:
James Joyner says, "Consider the source".. I agree.
Most Violent and Murderous Army in U.S. History

Lorie Byrd provides a special link to do
your part to help hold the House and Senate:
The Outcome is In Your Hands

"Whether this is true or not is not what I care to discuss at this
moment, but there’s a telling quote by a Hamas member within"...
WND: Hamas Wants Democratic Victory
Basil's blog | Joscafe

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