Mexico's Mobs Embattle Government

Image below: Mix Resistance groups who demand MORE and the "oust" of their Governor, with the stoning of Policemen... and you have a third-world recipe for uncontrollable violence! A very frightening prospect for us here in the U.S; considering the millions of "Mexico's unidentified" and the hundreds of thousands of illegal masses who flooded our streets recently...

Mexico's Mobs battle State Police "Population Control"... as beatings, rapes, kidnappings, and massacres continue...
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(Explanations and raw footage of May 3rd, 5th, etc.)
-Translation (broken English) "Since five months, this State of the south of Mexico saw an quasi-insurrectionary situation. Close to about fifteen people were killed in confrontations between the local police force and of the civil ones. With the origin of the conflict: the fight ("lustred") of a popular movement which claims the revalorization of wages of the teachers & departure of the governor of State."

-NEW RIOT TODAY: 11 . 26 . 06 -
Heavy Police Attack on Oaxaca
Protesters Set Buildings on Fire in Embattled Oaxaca
"Crowds just getting started."
OAXACA | 11 . 26 . 06 - Hundreds of police on Sunday lined Oaxaca's central Zocalo square with trash cans and barbed wire to keep demonstrators at bay after violent clashes Saturday left 43 injured and up to 150 arrested.

"The police attacked us and six of our comrades are seriously injured ... after getting hit by gas canisters," Florentino Lopez, a spokesman for the Popular Assembly of Oaxaca Villages (APPO) which has organized the protest movement in this city of 600,000.
AFP-“Seems vaguely reminiscent of Palestine.”
Oaxaca state attorney general Lizbeth Cana said the Red Cross reported 43 people injured in the clashes and that police made 105-150 arrests. Story
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