Changing of the Guards?

-Another engine failure:
TEHRAN: An Iranian military plane crashed on takeoff at Tehran’s Mehrabad airport early on Monday killing all 39 people on board, including 30 members of the Revolutionary Guards, police said...
Photographer: Rooholla Vahdati- Another IRRG Planecrash: 11 . 27. 06

The chief commander of the Islamic republic’s Revolutionary Guards, General Yahya Rahim Safavi, did not rule out sabotage but added it was “Too soon to elaborate on the cause of the crash until the investigations are over.” State television said the Revolutionary Guards had appointed an investigation team and that its finding would be made public…(Right :/)

This resembles the Jan 10, 06 (never resolved) plane crash which claimed 12 of IRGC top brass commanders, top elite officers, Brigadier Generals, who were put in place in 79-80...All of whom gained “individual strengths” in the regime… In fact a day ahead of the crash, Iran was reshuffling their military cabinet…First of two such crashes, in a month…

Brigadier General Safavi said: “The IRGC Air Force, equipped with an air fleet comprised of over 200 planes and helicopters, has always observed highest level of technical maintenance and international standards severely and painstakingly."
-IRAN: Sabotage & the Mullah Wars
Why are these accidents so SUSPECT?...Evidently, the Iranian Regime appoints “hundreds of chiefs” opposed to a 'handful of recognized Guards who promote individualism'… History has shown that, along with denial of press freedoms, this has proved to eliminate a “weak-link” in the regime…
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