Hamas Won't Tolerate Ceasefire Breach?

Well, here's a statement (below) from Hamas Spokesperson, Ghazi Hamad, which (as it turns out) didn't need a single Microphone...The Captain gives us the 411...
Triangle Offense Returns In Record Time!
And considering the Hamas tradition of breaking cease-fire agreements: When Hamas commits to a "Cease-fire" they mean "More-fire." And the fact that they announce their "intolerance for an Israeli breach", means that they're weaponized to the gills. Outsidethebeltway posts:
Iran and Syria Helping Hezbollah Rearm
AP: Ghazi Hamad- Palestinian Gov. Spokesperson
Palestinian security forces deploy in Gaza
"Ghazi Hamad, Palestinian Government spokesperson from the Hamas movement, said on Sunday that the government will not allow any faction to violate the ceasefire as long as Israel is committed to it. If Israel violates the truce, there will be a unified position regarding its continuation"
Perri Nelson's: Strange definition of "Ceasefire

Jihadwatch posts:
Rocket attacks from Gaza go on despite truce

-Wow...Here's a old Hamas, 2005 pledge:
Hamas: We'll rethink call to destroy Israel
blog posts on Israel at The Truth Laid Bear

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