Iraqi co-opperation: "United We Stand"

We must not live in a World where Democratic
Governments are toppled by Jihadists; as we
seek to find a way to become "unenvolved."

This conflict represents the survival of all those of the Free World, and should be regarded as such, by the entire World community! There are limits as to what one man can do, but together our efforts are limitless...

There are those who believe that their efforts "against a Free Iraq" have not had an effect upon this government...But who can deny that a majority of Iraq's "inner-disputes" are outside interventions; calculated to "over-throw" their very government. Support for this country matters, that the Iraqis shall persevere!"
MB: From- USAF file/Staff Sgt. Angelique Perez

Talabani postponed a trip to Iran because of a curfew
imposed on the capital in response to the violence...
"It is an outrage that these terrorists are targeting innocents in a brazen effort to topple a democratically elected government. These killers will not succeed," White House spokesman Scott Stanzel said.
The Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said an all-party security conference convened after Thursday's wave of bombings had been a success. Mr Talabani said delegates had agreed to increase co-operation and to really participate in the government of national unity...

"It appears that the Iraqi government has sincerely weighed and assessed the importance of saving their government...Deciding that in order for the violence to end, they must FIRST remain fully united, curtail "revenge killings", and then put an end to "outside-insurgent neighbors" who incite these conflicts.

The World knows the identity of the insurgent neighbors, who continue to destabilize Iraq while creating rivalry between tribes...And NOW...if the Iraqi Government is to survive at all, they must be stopped!
Focus Gunmen attacked Hurriyah, a Sunni Arab area of Baghdad, burning mosques and homes, with at least 30 people reported killed, according to police officials.
US and Iraqi forces continue
to 'rid Iraq of insurgents'

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