Why Saddamites Hang the Sentence

"We are waiting for the decision of the appeals court, and if it confirms the sentence, it will be the government's responsibility to carry it out," Maliki said. "We would like the whole world to respect Iraq's judicial will," he said. "I expect the execution to happen before the end of this year." #

Iraqi PM hints at early Saddam execution
Getty-06"Human Rights groups" in bid to:
Manipulate Democratic outcome of trial?
This is certainly a reasonable request by the courts of the Democratically elected government of Iraq. I am sure that those who listened to the completely irrefutable testimony would like these efforts to reverse the Judicial will of their court …To disappear...

Did you ever wonder why there are so many “manufactured” postponements, designed to disable the Iraqis from carrying out an 'end of trial’ execution? Evidently, under Iraqi law, the term for enforcing the death penalty for former President Saddam Hussein expires on December 5...

According to Professor Mikhail Barshchevsky, Ph. D. (Law), the Russian Government's plenipotentiary envoy to the supreme courts of the Russian Federation:
Saddam Hussein cannot be hanged or pardoned
That’s not all…According to Novosti; a key reason many have objected to the validity of the Saddam trial:
”The media have often compared Saddam's case to the Nuremberg Trial of the Nazi war criminals. In both cases the leaders of states committed crimes against humanity, and were tried for them. But there is one important difference. The Nuremberg Trial was conducted by the victors, and was not manipulated by anyone. The judges who have sentenced Saddam to gallows are under pressure from the country that has occupied Iraq.”
So, in other words...It is legitimate to force this outcome to exceed the statutes, in order to eliminate the Death penalty; yet if the court "pushes onward" it is seen as a U.S. intervention? The largest interventions are groups which purposely delay this trial to circumvent the outcome, and succeed beyond the "death penalty" expiration.
-I do care (for the sake of the Iraqi’s closure) that Saddam and the heads of State of former Iraq are brought to justice… but do not care if extremists 'Martyr' Saddam.

Professor Barshchevsky outlines an interesting aspect of Death by hanging:
"There is one more nuance. Saddam Hussein knows too much. He was charged with crimes on more than a dozen cases but only sentenced to death for the Dujail massacre in 1982. After passing this sentence, the court began proceedings against Saddam for the genocide of Kurds. Other cases have not yet been taken to court. If he is executed, we may never know what had happened during his rule."
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