Justice Prevails for Heirs of Gustav Mahler

A 2001 law designed to return lost paintings to their rightful owners, 'after Jewish families were forced to flee Nazi Germany in 1938', has finally reunited the granddaughter of composer Gustav Mahler with her Grandmother's beloved painting:
Summer Night on the Beach”…
(After six decades of struggle by heirs!)
Note: Those whom have lost their beloved paintings as they fled Vienna; during 1938 Nazi Germany: The Austrian advisory committee has recommended the return of more than 5,300 artworks since 1998…
MB-o6: Norwegian masterpiece: Summer Night on the Beach
"Finally released from the Austrian Gallery!"
-Reporters asked Mahler's granddaughter what she would do with the priceless work that has been hanging in the Belvedere gallery in Vienna:
"I am going to sit in front of it and
look at it for a long, long, long time."
Full story.
-Pre-verdict statements:
Professor Meissel (a Vienna University-based legal expert in restitution cases) “If the painting were restored to Ms Mahler, it would represent a "triumph of justice" - albeit late in the day.
Statement from the heir of composer Gustav Mahler:
British-born Marina Mahler, to reporters: "I would like to conclude this: This issue is not completed, and it needs to end. It's time for both sides to be gracious. Our new research is completely irrefutable."
Speaking to reporters after the favorable verdict on Thursday; Marina Mahler said that the long battle had left her "totally exhausted" but "feeling a huge sense of peace." Her grandmother (Mahler's wife Alma) had fought unsuccessfully to have her beloved painting returned; died in 1964 aged 85…
A rather terribly “complex” explanation of the background of this painting: here

Summer Night on the Beach history:

Mahler would work during summer in what must have been the very antithesis of the exposed, public environment of the Opera, namely, a small, private, isolated, and sparsely furnished hut which he had built for himself on a quiet spot by the lake some distance from the main house. The 'Häuschen' as he called it, proved to have many meanings in his inner life. Source

Words of 18th century composer Gustof Mahler:

"Imagine the universe beginning to sing and resound," Mahler wrote of his Symphony No. 8, "Symphony of a Thousand."It is no longer human voices; it is planets and suns revolving." Mahler was late Romantic music's ultimate big thinker. Read more.

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