Jihad: The Very Antithesis of Democracy

It will be crucial for those (newly elected in the U.S.) to fully understand, and not underestimate the threat of Jihadists... Nor weaken measures taken to avert attacks on American soil...
MB-06; Hamas calls for Revenge Attacks on US.
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-Inthebullpen posts a disturbing Jihadists' statement :
Hamas, Fatah Call for Attacks Against the U.S
He writes:
"One week after the New York Times saw fit to print a deceitful editorial written by a Hamas spokesman; Hamas and Fatah are calling on attacks on the United States to “teach American enemy merciless lessons." Read more
Mueller (last February) described a Hamas network the FBI believes may be operating in the U.S. mostly for fundraising purposes. Again, here's a list:
Specially Designated Nationals and
other persons whose property is blocked
FBI believes Hamas' current US network includes trained jihadists capable of carrying out advanced attacks. Some of the Hamas agents are suspected of involvement with al-Qaeda, the sources said.

-Who can ever forget "these" efforts:
Carter applauds the participation of the Hamas
terrorist gang in Palestinian government
(Carter professes no insight into whether Hamas
is capable of the challenge of leadership.)
MB- 06; The Carters Ecstatic over Terrorists Win
"Tickeled pink" to congratulate the 'Jihad-terror' group Hamas in their electoral victory. Democrats Jimmy Carter and wife, supervised and endorsed terror group 'Hamas' during this election...
They did not act upon the best interests of either
the Israelis, Palestinians, or America!

Jihad VS Democracy

-In an article by Fjordman, he mentions a review of Andrew G. Bostom’s excellent book, The Legacy of Jihad:
In fact, it was Bostom's expressed wish that his own children and their children may “thrive in a world where the devastating institution of jihad has been acknowledged, renounced, dismantled, and relegated forever to the dustbin of history by Muslims themselves.”
But then, a good point was made:
“Why should Muslims renounce and dismantle an institution that, while it may have been devastating to those who have been its victims, has nevertheless been the historical agent by which Islamic culture has come to dominate such a vast expanse of our planet?"
"Indeed, what is most striking about the collective project of jihad has been its immense and, with few exceptions, permanent success. Once Islamic culture sank in, it became virtually impossible for any foreign cultural influence to make any headway against it.”
It is true that the jihadists are not interested in winning in our sense of the word. They can succeed simply by making the present world order unworkable, by creating conditions in which politics-as-usual is no longer an option, forcing upon the West the option either of giving in to their demands or descending into anarchy and chaos.

Bostom explains:
"Muslims can thus undermine Western democracy in two ways: By massive immigration and infiltration of established, especially Socialist, parties until they can be turned to serve the Islamic agenda, or by simply creating a climate of fear and distrust that gradually makes the democratic system unworkable. In Western Europe right now, they are making significant headway on both accounts."
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-UK Foreign Secretary to moderate Muslims:
"Stand up and be counted."

-Russia jihadist: "Going out for jihad is real freedom"

-Jihadists train, propagandize in western China

Memri-TV: Textbook calls for Jihad
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