Landslide Victory: (R) Schwarzenegger

MB-06 -PHOTO: Lucy Nicholson - Arnie Does it Again!

Arnie sweeps the elections by taking the Governor seat by 18 points with more than two thirds of the votes counted...I guess a 'less confrontational style' was the winning move this year...
Arnie raised $37 billion in bonds to fund infrastructure including roads, housing and schools, backed a series of bipartisan laws, including reducing the state's greenhouse gas emissions, and many other programs and policies.

As was a part of his moderate agenda, we rejected a tax for oil producers to fund alternative energy development... with an opportunity for other backings.

Extraordinary as it was, his opponent (liberal Democrat Angelides) was fully backed by several major media outlets here in California...

Which goes to show, even the State's leading newspapers couldn't beat the Terminator... :)
Another winning formula... The ever-popular "California Global Warming."
- A San Francisco paper asks:
Is Boxer the next target for Schwarzenegger?
...Hahaha.. But, of course. :)

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