Video- Rushdie/Profiles in Courage

Salman Rushdie is one of 'those insightful and courageous people'... who has merged beyond his own culture, and then gently looked back... And in a way, if we could all do this, think of how this would open communications (amidst tense relations) while clarifying 'fact from misrepresentation.'

Salman Rushdie gives us hope that (Someday) this may be possible.

-Video: Salman Rushdie Accepts :
"Profiles in Courage" Honor from AJC

Rushdie: "If you cannot reinterpret your culture from 1st principals (upwards) then, in a way, you live in an intellectual tyranny...and that becomes the problem from which all other problems follow."

-LGF posts an excellent interview :
Rushdie on the Religion of Peace
Rushdie's message in this fight between the democratic-Muslim ideals of his grandfather and the psychotic-Muslim delusions of his assassins. It is a fight between people who want to open the universe a little more, and those who want to shrivel the universe into the stultified vision of one book and one man who lived in a desert more than a millennium ago... Read full article
-Stay tuned for the Judith Kesher talk at: Basilsblog
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