Underneath the Hawaiian Paradise

Somehow I like this picture of the surfer who maintained his daily ritual, amidst the quake activity of Hawaii...Earthquakes are a part of the earth's search for balance, amidst the true integrity of our earth's surface...So hey:
-Hundreds in Hawaii lined up at grocery markets; while some kept surfing. :)
IMAGE: AP Photo/Carol Cunningham
Surfing fanatics testing the fabulous waves
Maili Beach, Hawaii- Sunday, Oct. 15, 2006

The Big Island (said to be the largest mountain on earth) rises up more than 30,000 feet from the sea floor.... All the way up to the peak of Mauna Kea… Which, incidentally: Since January 2005, scientists have recorded fewer than 10 quakes a week beneath the summit of the (world's largest volcano) 13,677-foot Mauna Loa...

A probable cause for yesterday’s back to back quakes: View Diagram here
"The huge and growing geological mass exerts tremendous pressure on the sea floor. That vertical pressure, which actually depresses the sea floor around the flanks of the island; naturally is released periodically through earthquakes."
While the oceanic Pacific Plate moves west towards Japan, the Philippines Plate moves eastward towards Hawaii. The Pacific Plate is being subducted and gases and molten lava are coming up through the Philippines Plate...
Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences-06

-View this incredible Underwater Volcano Video!

-Scientists, with the aid of remotely operated research submarines, are able to catch footage of an underwater flare-up (Volcanic Activity!)
-First remotely operated sub: ROPOS of March 04:
-Second vehicle: Hyper-Dolphin, in 2005…
-Third remotely operated vehicle, the Jason II, in April of 2006…

Note: The video (above) taken by Jason II; shows lava is rising in the vent so fast that a small glimpse of red glow can be seen intermittently before it crusts over or is blown apart. Credit: NOAA Vents Program.
View: Video- Jason II measures the temperature of the sulfur pond

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