"Extreme Division!" -Clinton says.

-In a Sun Oct 15, 2006 Reuters article:
IMAGE: Artist Kruger ©-06
Clinton says Republican "extremists" divided country
Extremely pleased to be in Iowa, Clinton places blame (not on 'ALL' of the "Extreme Republican Dividers")...But rather the percentage by which he claims to have divided; to highlight these differences...

...And out of the same breath, Clinton makes it extremely clear
that only a percentage of these Republicans are “Extremists”…
-Though later we discovered that the percentage (thought to be extremists)
were found to be the entire spectrum of people who disagree...

“Forget about politics, forget about 2008”Chants Clinton.

(Oh but we will... Oh but we will.)

-Excellent post at: gopbloggers:
Clinton Blames Everything On Republicans
“Principles” of Liberal wartime leadership.
-Conservative Cat:
Notes from Ferdy - A Possible
Solution to the Earthquake Crisis
Jos cafe: Oh Please … | Conservative Cat


RWB said...

I like the new web page design. Nice work Princess!! I wish I had your time management skills. I can't comment on willie just yet. The blood pressure medicine hasn't kicked in just yet.

MB said...

Hi... Thanks :) Funny that I archived this old 10/06 post into the new (by accident) ...Not sure how to "archive it out"... Ah-well..Life is all "loops" anyway :)

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