U.N. Sanctions: Delaying N.K Strategy

-Suppliers stopped (for now)
And so, the threat has been minimized; and a delay set-forth to discourage N.K. Strategy.. I've come to believe that if we had not invaded Iraq, this threat would not only have failed to gain its final approval; sanctions would have been heavily laden in incentives…
Small portions of the immediate community have shown that they find it more offensive to have the United States camped at their borders, than 'full deregulation' of nuclear bomb testing...

Today: "Saturday, Oct. 14, 2006 members of Security Council at U.N. Headquarters (unanimously) vote to impose punishing sanctions on North Korea for its claimed nuclear test... declaring that its action posed:
"A clear threat to international peace and security."
There is no doubt of the fate of this Ambassador; who has failed to thwart sanctions, by threat of Declaration of War against U. S.
(He should have sought his own protection from the regime.)
(AP Photo/David Karp)
-Pictured here:
Pak Gil Yon ( North Korea's Ambassador to the U.N.) as he Listens to the verdict. Pak Gil later walked out of the council chamber, accusing its members of a "gangster-like" action which neglects the nuclear threat posed by the U.S.
-Stop the ACLU has the VIDEO
Security Council Unanimously
Approves Sanctions on N. Korea

-But even that distant look... he knows that the destiny of a N. Korea's recoup
meant the continuing (and indiscriminate) sales of arms, bombs, and missiles to terror groups...
-The List of sales to these groups, is too long to post on this website...

Captain Ed posts:
UN Security Council Agrees On Sanctions;
and points to a link about Kerry comments. (haha)

Joining in the discussion:
Wizbang posts:
Breaking: UNSC Votes Unanimously
to Place Sanctions on NoKo
Linked at:
Basilsblog- Articles of Interest

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