Dismissive Media- Jihadists Gain Ground

I'm posting this film again... It appears that those (Liberal MSM) who project bits and pieces of the merging jihadi culture; either fail to connect with the enormity (or) the challenge of 'politics' casts a shadow on their perception...
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Today: Irresponsible journalism (Newsweek) publishes: Caliwho?
-Lgf posts about the Newsweek comments on this crisis:
Newsweek Mocks President Bush, Laughs at "Caliphate"

Evidently, the liberal Media wants you to feel comfortable electing a Liberal Candidate, and are willing to sacrifice the next year of politicking to 'down-play' the most pronounced threat to every individualized culture in the World?!!
...But look what the liberal views of France have
done to their beautiful culture.
-This from Captain Ed: France Facing Intifada:
"Le Intifada should serve as a warning to Europe and the West, and not just in terms of immigration policy. Radical Islamism threatens the basis of the nation-state, and once it gains a toehold, it becomes difficult to roll back. That's why we have to push back against it whenever and wherever it appears and convince moderates and fence-sitters that theocratic rule is not inevitable."

-Today, the same News Media (as above) airs a French White Flag!
Chirac addresses social biases as fuel for rioting

An administration who will apologize, with a mistaken
notion that to Pacify the enemy will quell the violence…
Invites more…And this is what we are seeing...

-Excerpt from Newsweek article above: Oct. 12, 2006 - When President George W. Bush starts using fifty-cent words in press conferences, one has to wonder why [Yes, after all, he’s just a stupid chimp, isn’t he? —ed.], and on Wednesday, during his Rose Garden appearance, he used the word “caliphate” four times. The enemy, he said—by which he clearly meant the Islamic terrorist enemy—wants to “extend the caliphate,” “establish a caliphate,” and “spread their caliphate.” Caliphate? Really? Many people live long, fruitful lives without once using the word caliphate. Almost no one, with the exception of our president and some of his advisers, uses it as a pejorative.

Others posting on Threats of Terror:
(Will open onto another page, during movie.)
In the bullpen: Hamas Might Target U.S. Interests

The Century Foundation:
Defeating the Jihadists: A Blueprint for Action

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