Terrorists and the 'Left-Plan'

Amidst much of the International Community's
"high tolerance" for Islamist-jihadists...
This is the WRONG option for Iraq and America!

It is said that a little white flag was fashioned out of anything readily available like a T Shirt, handkerchief, or anything white...But the Liberal Left have a plan made of... well...nothing!... But if they will win votes in mid-term:
Democrats Will Provide Iraq Remedy (yeah, right)

Is it any wonder why the last few years have produced tough times in Iraq?
The threats: Jihadists, suicide bombings, foreign interventions, and defeatist (U.S Leftists') politicking throughout the most crucial part of this war...

-The fact that Leftists are not aware of the intricacies of the current war plan (concerning and amidst jihadists) is in itself, a very disturbing alarm...
Martin-© 06; -Self Inflicted Iraqi Shi'ite devotees!

-Wake-up Dems! Hold esteem for your country and 'front-line' soldiers, who do not sit in the comforts of an arm-chair, as you! This is the cure. The ills continue to be the "sparks of Comfort" you give to the enemy!

But what is the Liberal Left's cure?
No mention, but incentives for the Jihadists continues to be highly suspected.

LGF States: Webb: Dems Have the Miracle Cure...
"How is this not a cut-and-run policy? It’s actually
a non-policy, with a strong odor of cut-and-run."
Mullahs and Democrats Agree

A Most Undeniable Reality...
-In the true face of war, the tides may turn and then quickly turn again; but the real, "no-plan" plan is the notion that "Infidels" (as in you and I) might quell the advancing jihad, by negotiating with terrorists... History shows that this thinking is the beginning to 'endless terrorist appeasements'...
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DEMS Holding Their Breath down the Stretch
Excerpt:Iraq? No plan to win or get out except “timetables” for troop withdrawals that don’t mean diddly because there are as many timetables floating around as there are Democratic candidates for President.

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