Dem Campaign Dissuades Defeat of Jihadi

ci-ce: Al Qaeda Attack Regions- 05
In their eyes, they have already lost the war...Now they only want
Islamist-Jihadists to grant them "permission" to have Peace...

The Democrat's campaign to Dissuade those who take an anti-Islamist Jihadist position, instead of continuing our need to stay united against the militants; appears to hold the logic of "numbers above vision of future" to justify and parallel with the apologists for Islamists-Jihadists today...

When you go to the polls, they remind you not to look at the struggle to fight Jihadi-Islamists treachery (either on the battle-field or media) because that would send moments of "FEAR" racing through you...Yet the same political party who fails to make it clear that "this is the enemy"... insists that you buy the Islamists propaganda starting points...

I often wonder the extent of Democracy's strength in Iraq, our ability to support the moderates, the quelling of the advancement of Islamist terror, if the left had not run parallel with apologists which continue to undermine the efforts of a swift defeat of the enemy...

And now, it's not about being (as the Democrats phrase it) "Scared Silly" but rather staying inherently sane and inherently just, to the future of our Independent Nation...
Excellent posts about this:
-Ian at Hotair has the VIDEO:
Video: O’Reilly asks Letterman if he “want[s]
the US to win in Iraq”, no straight answer

Captain Ed posts a Senate interview which reflects the
"revealing clarity of positions on terror:
Isn't This What We Want In The Senate?

Excellent Post by Rick Moran:
Is Defining "Victory" in Iraq
an Exercise in Futility?

When we exit Iraq, it will not be a peaceful, democratic island in the troubled seas of a despotic Middle East. It may not even have an elected government if things continue the way they have in recent months as the insurgents and terrorists have ratcheted up the violence to unbearable levels in order to give the Democrats ammunition in the upcoming November elections. Nor will it necessarily be a willing partner in our war against Islamism. read the rest!

- Terrorism posts- at The Truth Laid Bear
- Midterm election posts- at The Truth Laid Bear

James Joyner at Outside the Beltway posts:
Prominent Iraq War Critics: Stay the Course
"The Bush administration’s terrorism policy is getting endorsement from two incredibly unlikely sources."

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