Pakistan Bombs al-Qaida Shelter

Pakistan Destroys al-Qaida-linked training facility.
AP: Pakistani paramilitary troops patrol at Mir Ali in Pakistan's
tribal area of North Waziristan (along Afghanistan's border)

-Source:; excerpts- Habibullah Khan AP:
Todays attack came two days after 5,000 pro-Taliban tribesmen held an anti-American rally in the Bajur area near Damadola, a village close to the site of an alleged U.S. missile attack that killed several al-Qaida members and civilians in January...
-This statement from Pakistani army spokesman Maj. Gen. Shaukat Sultan:
"We received confirmed intelligence reports that 70-80 militants were hiding in a madrassa used as a terrorist-training facility, which was destroyed by an army strike, led by helicopters," Sultan said.
"There were no civilian casualties as there were no other buildings near the madrassa," he claimed.
Helicopters continued to fire four to five missiles into the madrassa, run by Liaquat Hussain, a local Islamic cleric who is believed to have been sheltering al-Qaida militants...

Gen Sultan was unable to provide a preliminary estimate of the casualty count, but said that "many" militants had been killed. read more.

-Same protests were sparked with U.S. Zarqawi bombing...

-As were protests of today's Pakistan bombing:
"The government has launched an attack during the night, which is against Islam and the traditions of the area", says Ul-Haq, who belongs to the powerful Islamic political party...
-Inthebullpen shares his perspective:
Pakistani Raid Kills 70-80 Al Qaida

-Information and archives at:Jihad watch
Read this, and other reports by: memeorandum
NOTE: Maj. Gen. Shaukat Sultan is the face of Pakistan's current military efforts against armed resistance in the Balochistan region as well operations in Waziristan against Al-Qaeda near Pakistan-Afghanistan border.
Basil's blog:
Statement by Abu Musab Zarqawi (by John W. Lillpop)
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