Russia: Hezbollah Unlikely to Disarm...

Picasso/Barbay-06 ;) fleurs du Hezbollah

UN peacekeepers unlikely to disarm Hezbollah: Russia
HT: (Jihadwatch)
-Like we ALL didn't already know this... :/
And, as if an 'armed Hezbollah weren't enough...Today, the UN fails to address the Mullah’s death threats against Israel; while supporting ‘Mullahs with nukes!’

Am I to guess that the UN is uniting countries to wipe-out Israel?…Show me different, because we live in a world where the due diligence towards prevention of 1930's genocide of the Jews; is to guard Israel at all costs.

-Friday in: MOSCOW:
Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov was quoted by 'state-run' RIA-Novosti News that he does not think the UN Peacekeepers will succeed in disarming Hezbollah...He further states that concern over this aspect of the peacekeepers’ mission was one of the reasons Moscow decided to send a peacekeeping contingent to Lebanon under an accord reached separately with the Lebanese government, instead of under the UN mandate...

Under the UN Security Council Resolution 1701, Peacekeepers are instructed to ensure the south Lebanon border area with Israel is ‘free of any armed personnel and weapons other than those of the Lebanese armed forces and UNIFIL (peacekeepers).’ Read more .

-Come to think of it, we haven't heard from Putin in a while...
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Haveil Havalim #91!

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