Courts Reject Intent: Cartoon Lawsuit

Ruled by Danish court in Aarhus: There was to not enough reason to believe the cartoons were meant to be insulting or harmful. And no proof of intent to cause the heavy Muslim rioting, murders, and deliberate torching of millions of dollars worth of private property...

Muslims sparked violent protests around the world after Jyllands-Posten published them in 2005... But (to me) the most Confusing images were of Muslim rioters, burning the properties of other Muslims in protest.

At one space in time, it looked as though the Danes (though apologetic) would be held hostage against the very one thing they held more valuable than buildings, emblems, or flags...
...Their Press Freedoms...
AFP: Muslims show their distain and …
"Violent Outrage!"- Photo: Karim Jaafar
But directly after the court ruling, spokesman for Jamaat-e-Islami told the Associated Press news agency, "It is not up to the court to decide if Muslims will have hard feelings or not." (We are likely not to have heard the end.)

Remembering our President, who assured Danish Prime Minister (Anders Fogh Rasmussen) of his "support and solidarity" over violence sparked by caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed...Gen Musharraf (Pakistan) was said to have kept a low-profile...while Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Ellahi asked rioters in Lahore:
"Is this the image of ourselves that we want to paint for the outside world?"
REUTERS/Anatolian; Erhan Sevenler
"Thirst for Koranic Revenge, was on!"
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