Stem Cell: More Effective Alternatives

Alternatives to embryonic stem cells,
may be More Effective!
The research (described in excerpt below) along with HUNDREDS of papers (instrument in scientific advancement) represent an entire body of work which might serve to support man's hope to merge scientific break-through in disease cure and preventions, with the use of MSC (mature stem cells) i.e: 'embryo-friendly'...
Suggested Scientific reading:
-The microgravity method described: Journal Cell Proliferation.
-Fate Decision on Adult Neural Stem Cells: The Stem Cell Niche
-Less less tumorigenic response: Umbilical cord 'stem cell' hope
Mesenchymal Stem Cells Instruct Oligodendrogenic Fate Decision on Adult Neural Stem Cells (In transplantation experiments, MSCs demonstrated neuroprotective and neuroregenerative effects that were associated with functional improvements.
M.B.-06: "Humanity's Tale of Strengths and Weaknesses"
I support Genetics research, and scientific advancement with embryo-friendly" derivation methods which eliminate the critical decision to destroy the vessel by which life is transported. I base my theory that every form of human life is to be sacred, because I have seen a world by which certain strands 'of the DNA of human life' are deemed to be "less valuable", denied protection and safety from wars, famine, and development..(while others aren't) ...I doubt our ability to disearn.-M.B.
Article excerpt:
"Dr Cheng said the results clearly showed there was no advantage in using adult stem cells over mature fully differentiated cells. In summary: Certain types of mature cells could be much easier to reprogram than expected...

"We can say with near certainty that a fully differentiated
cell such as a granulocyte retains the genetic capacity for
becoming like a seed that can give rise to all cell types
necessary for the development of an entire organism."

Stem cell expert Dr Stephen Minger, from King's College London, said:

"The findings are quite surprising...Up until this [point],
the conventional wisdom was that the less mature a cell,
the more likely it is to be reprogrammed...
This work suggests the contrary."

Others posting related to the politics of stem-cell research:
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michelle malkin shows the latest poll reflecting the use of
stem cell promotion; and two related parodies:
The Rush Limbaugh referendum

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