NK Postulation: Methodology of Mayhem

A quick glance into the methodology of N. Korea...
Although the Committee to Protect Journalists have
assessed North Korea to be a country of which has
the most censored media in the world...
PHOTO: Yoho imishiban -06
Limited access to 'state-controlled' TV;
Radio: Police registry to approved stations.
...Those of whom have analyzed the sociology of the People of this 'rigidly controlled Stalinist state', have said that they appear to be some of the happiest and freest people in the world...Of course, this, despite little knowledge of the world outside their borders; and amidst a continuing Dictatorial propaganda which feeds prejudice that the outside world is hostile...

In sociology, 'fear' societies such as NoKO are noted for their necessity of having an 'enemy,' whether that enemy is external or internal, in order to justify and consolidate their legitimacy with a disaffected population.

Nothing in the SC sanctions does anything to alter the modus operandi of the NOKos: the country is still very much a fear society, and unfortunately, the logical--and historical--progress of fear societies is toward homicidal suicide.

A delay has been achieved, merely a delay. With a homicidal/suicidal ideology (fascism, Stalinism, theofascism), any delay is but a brief preliminary dance with death.
-Austinbay makes an excellent suggestion:
A second NoKo nuke test in the offing?
-and - North Korea’s nuclear test program.

According to Tat Yan Kong (a lecturer at London's School of Oriental and African Studies) many North Koreans see developing a nuclear bomb (and the government's claim to be holding the US at bay) as a great source of pride...
N. Koreans find safety in the ignorance of the true impact the regime subjects them to...This must explain their reluctance to expand their vision beyond years of isolation. For now, all they think about is how to live...
PHOTO: Yoho imishiban -06
One of the most toxic effects of this Stalinist state regime is found in its leadership's failure to 'weigh appropriate action against any reasonable degree of effect' for the sake of survival of its Nation... There is a considerable cause for alarm concerning a regime who will meet ANY decision and plan of course of ANY action... Regardless of future impact...

Professor Leonid Petrov, a specialist in North Korean historiography based at the Political Sciences University in Paris, cites an example where a delegation of North Korean diplomats were expected (in Paris) to learn more about democracy and market economy. After the nuclear test, the trip was cancelled.
North Korea Ups the Ante
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The Non-Confrontational Approach To Sanctions

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