The Future of Muslim Democracy

A few interesting opinions and perspectives shared by those who strive for Democracy (and happen to be Muslims)… Although some opinions are not shared by all; we can encourage this culture to keep strong amidst oppressive regimes who view Democracy as:
"A Western Agenda"…
Endowment for Democracy: Dr. Taha Jabir al-Awani -(IIIT)

Our World is Young in its struggle of Freedoms; with some countries finally achieving Liberation (from beginnings as early as 1957)... Democracy, Justice, and the Freedom to speak out against Tyranny: It is not Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, and Muslim...
It is a Universal Law...
Foreign Policy Association:
Dr. Taha Jabir al-Awani, Ibrahim founded the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) in 1981 and later set up the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences in Ashburn, Virginia. His criticism of corruption and abuse of power within the Malaysian government and his vocal demand for reform resulted in his arrest and imprisonment in September 1998. Ibrahim, who led a new democratic movement in Malaysia from his prison cell, was released in September 2004.
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