Colombia: Hostage Talks Discontinue

Ending the tradition of bargaining with kidnappers, won't be easy for Colombia...Nor will the "tradition" of ill-awful entry at our U.S. borders!
These and our neighbor’s issues have deepened with neglect…

10 . 20. 06: (Bogotá) - Colombian leader ends Farc talks
For forty years, kidnappings have become an 'everyday' terror in the lives of the Colombians. Often these kidnappings have resulted in death; as families of the captives were unable to raise funds for their release ...But more often: Young children are recruited or sold as soldiers and drug-traffickers.
Pictured: Colombia's President: Alvaro Uribe Velez-06
Image taken after being re-elected in a landslide. A much respected leader of
whose primary ambition is to root out Militants from the Colombian home-land.
His dedication to root out terror, extends to the
rebel movement, who killed his father 20 years ago .

The militant guerrilla group, Farc, continues to hold more than 3,000 people hostage; including some 60 politicians and foreigners... Today, President Alvaro Uribe reached a difficult decision to terminate negotiations on a prisoner exchange with the left-wing guerrilla group Farc...
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After Thursday's bombing in the Capital (Bogota) President
Velez knew that the only avenue was military intervention...

"We cannot continue the farce of a humanitarian
exchange (of prisoners) with the Farc," he said.
Montolevio-05; Farc
Richest, most powerful in Colombia
Experts estimate that FARC takes in $200 million to $400 million annually—at least half of its income—from the illegal drug trade. FARC also profits from kidnappings, extortion schemes and an unofficial “tax” it levies in the countryside for “protection” and social services. Ransom or “protection” payments account for most of ELN’s income, but it has also recently entered the drug trade. Source.
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