Diverting the Media...

Coping with 'Free Speech' amidst 'Media Manipulation' can become "tricky" for the man with the busiest schedule... had hoped NOT to imagine.
Permission: Cagle ©-06
Caption: "You should be wondering where his other hand is."
Here's the other hand!...
AFP: #Getty-06
Caption: Ahmadinejad (an avid follower of the polls) attempts to tone-down the typical 'Death to Israel' rhetoric:
"Israel cannot survive!.. Israel cannot survive!"

Olmert Warns Iran Over Nuclear Ambitions
Iran Warns Against U.N. Nuke Sanctions
US warns Iran over nuclear plans
Israel warns Abbas about Hamas
Olmert warns the Palestinians against terrorism
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Captain Ed:
Mullahcracy: Fast Internet Connections Threat To Islam

inthebullpen: Israel ‘Cannot Survive’

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