Effective Shift for the NK Regime?

There’s a delay, but is an effective shift on its way? Time will tell...
Time for China to Act -Image: Fas.org-05
News around Asia, & US (via net) has been circulating...
(Including statements by Diplomats)
There exists this question: Will China back coup against Kim ?
The Chinese Government has been ultra-cautious in its reaction. However, since Monday, Foreign Ministry officials have started to make a point of distinguishing between the North Korean people and their Government in conversations with diplomats.
What others are saying:
-Don Surber explains more: in this post -Excerpt: "This may be the quickest way to stop Kim Jong-Il from acquiring nuclear weaponry."

-Inthebullpen also makes a valid point in this post :
Red Dragon Rising
-And this, from Captain Ed:
China had a "heavy responsibility" to influence North Korea's behavior”
… Read this post: US Keeping Pressure On China

-And this: Secular Blasphemy posts:
”How bad is the regime of North Korea? ...This bad:
North Korea kills 'racially impure' disabled children
-Additionally in the News: As relations between North Korea and China appear to be at their worst... (and that includes when the Red Guards were denouncing Kim Il-sung as a rightist during the Cultural Revolution.)
A Chinese official calls Kim Jong-il a ‘two-year-old Hitler’
Image: No © Soviet before January 1, 1923
Kim Jong-il (3) -father, Kim Il-sung, and mother, Kim Jong-suk (R).
Kim Jong Il's father: Kim Il-sung; an anti-Japanese guerrilla fighter with a Christian background (#). In the 1970s, Kim Il-sung was actively maneuvering his son for the succession...
-China & N.K History -
-Recalling History:
Nearly 1500 years ago, North Korea was occupied by thugs who called themselves Koguryo. Militaristic, their army wore helmets with horns like samurai warriors. Ilitaristic; they were just like the North Koreans today...
(with Capital, also in PyongYang)
In the south, was the kingdom of Silla, which excelled in cultural and the arts, just as the South Koreans excel in dramas, movies etc. today..
-How did the Chinese deal with the N. Korean
threat (Koguryo threat) then?
-The Chinese (then under Tang Dynasty) tried many times to attack Koguryo but suffered humiliating defeats....Finally, they formed an alliance with the South Koreans (the Sillas) and together, the Chinese pitted the South Koreans (the Sillas) to fight the North Koreans (Koguryo). The war was a success. After the war, the Tang Dynasty moved its forces into Koguryo and occupied it...
blog posts on china at The Truth Laid Bear

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