UN 2007: Contenders for Sec. General

O-kay, here's my Top (2) picks for Kofi Annan replacement...(2007)
Few could disagree with the need for the UN to establish credibility; and perhaps "The agency of Unity" just might begin to soften its hate for America...(amidst the billions she donates.)
-A couple of quick choices for 2007:
IMAGES: Artist Kruger ©-06

#1.-Will it be....Mr. Bill?

And then...Here's choice - #2...
IMAGES: Artist Kruger ©-06

"Synonymous with terror-fighting...
UN could establish some clout"
Without even trying!

Any better ideas out there??

The Fine Art Images Above:
Courtesy: The World's most foremost Caricature Artist:
Sebastian Kruger!
View his amazing Originals, sculptures,
and Gicle'e Editions!!

“Kruger has a genius for capturing the essence of his
subjects through caricature.”
—The London Times
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