Religious Scrutiny & the Totalitarian View

Transcript for our President's speech, at the 88th Annual American Legion National Convention is here...
He made reference to the "Respect for America's Fallen Heroes Act" ... Legislation which ensures that families will not have to endure protests, while paying their respects (at funerals of their fallen loved ones)...

Bush addressed the enemy as, "The terrorists of -- totalitarians."

He explains that its inception was at such time as our country aided the "eject" of communism; sighting that "a generation of young people grew up with little hope to improve their lives, & many fell under the sway of radical extremism."
Khatami visits the US, today: With scathing criticism of US foreign policy
-And (of course) side-steps effective measures to pin-point terrorists.

These were the Ideological totalitarian groups who claim attacks upon civilian population of today. Many of these attacks have been thwarted, some (as were concealed) are now tracked early in the preparatory stage...And some ITG remain in the World-wide courts system...Each of the attacks (in all corners of the World) are credited and approved by the religious leaders of Radical Islam.
Same terror, new name...
Bush was direct and precise in his speech, in order that we address this terror, and not just "religious scrutiny issues" from Moderates who denounce these references to Islam.
So often the issue of Terrorism stops with the condemnation of US for "lack of Religious Scrutiny" by which they claim that US policy couples "Radicals who murder innocent civilians" (in the name of Islam) with "Moderates" who " denounce these attacks."

Some say that investigative organizations, without Religious affiliation, are giving radical Islam a renewed confidence in the purpose of their attack... And (at the same time) Moderate Muslims accuse these same undercover investigators, of supporting Islamophobia...

To whom do we order the responsibility of separating Islam's religious followers-- from the Islamic 'non-followers' who plot to indiscriminately carry out large attacks upon all of society?

Great post at Wizbang's -Oh Grow Up
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