Age of Diversity: End of Religious Concour

Newspix-05; J.Rouborge
It is true that throughout the Ages, cycles of power and concour by Religious Dynasties have greatly affected the mapping and transfer of power... For instance, the former Roman temple and fourth-century Byzantine church (dedicated to Saint John the Baptist) was transformed into the congregational mosque of the Umayyad capital, and of Jerusalem (709–15)...

But today, the Mosque, temple, and Christian church have settled alongside one another.. It is to denounce the basis of ones own Religion (in every text)
to withhold love and acceptance towards the freedom of Religious belief...

-From Muse d' Met
After the death of Muhammad in 632, a series of four caliphs (Arabic: khalifa, "successor"), known as the Rightly Guided, succeeded. Under their command, the Arab armies carried the new faith from Arabia to the shores of the Mediterranean and to the eastern reaches of Iran. However, following the assassination of cAli ibn Abi Talib—Muhammad's cousin, son-in-law, and fourth caliph (r. 656–61)—in 661, Mucawiya, the governor of Syria under the Rightly Guided Caliphs, seized power and established the Umayyad caliphate, the first Islamic dynasty (661–750).

During Mucawiya's reign (661–80), the seat of Islamic power was transferred from the Arabian Peninsula to Syria. Under Mucawiya's successors, the important historic city of Damascus was transformed into the capital of an empire that extended from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indus River.

Click-image- view Antionio Melina's
image of Mosque (Damascus)

-Shortly after the demise of the Umayyad dynasty, a distinctly Islamic artistic expression and development of Islamic architecture emerged...
The Great 'Ummayad Mosque of Damascus.
-But so too, were the many expressions of worship as were (and are) colors and languages...Today's struggle for freedom of expression and religious diversity remains 85% of the equation to a 15% radicalized Religious dominance. The loop has been broken, and bottom-line...
Religious regimes who wish to control, will NEVER repress
the will of the 'World's New Age of a Free and Diverse People!'

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