Militant PR: Terror Has a New Role...

On cue! Terror Groups literally slip from the spotlight...
..Only to surface for a favorable press release.
(Hamas, comes to mind...)

Today, suicide Militants are doing photo-ops, producing media demos, holding press conferences... And now, some of the most murderous jihad killers hold significant seats in government, as the new "legitimate face" of terror.
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It's shocking to realize that all it takes is the consignment of a top-notch PR (Public Relations) agent, to create enough World Sympathy from a confused few (absent conscience, rationality, appropriateness, or lessons of history) to give a special edge to terror groups. But, if you have grown up in films, or theater; you know that the hands of these professionals are delivering a next generation of jihadists, in exchange for money, (and/or) fame...

Studio work, special effects, and PR firms, are so convincing that the world believes their material as truth... Just as they do when PR agents shape the image of some of the nicest guys in Hollywood, made to fit into the role of an instinctual killer...
(All content © | Image: Digimarc -06)
I’m all for breaking cycles of hate, and the reform of a new way of thinking… But what we’re talking about here, is “reshaping the “look” of terrorists with a murderous agenda…Made worse for those who know acting when they see it!

-UPDATE: The latest Bin Laden exclusive, which reflects encouragement from Pakistan, looks terribly "F-A-K-E"...

-Been on travel...Returning soon...
-Those posting on several of the latest terrorist propaganda stories...
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