Photoshop or Cake: New Discrimination

Ok.. You decide...
Click-image; to view photoshopped shoulder
MB- A "Banned Look" of 06
Shall they eat cake... or shall we Photoshop them?

Well...Evidently there's not a problem with Photoshopping career images of women with over-eating disorders; but making a slender person OVER-EAT in order to keep her job; is supposed to be ok??
Madrid's Fashion Week council is imposing a mandatory runway modeling size (no smaller than size 10)...
And this not weight Discrimination??!
-For instance: 5ft 9in (1.75m) tall must weigh a minimum of 8st 11oz (56 kg).

-Read this insulting article:
Skinniest Models are banned from catwalk
Article excerpt:
”REAL women will rejoice at the news:
waif-like models are being pushed off the catwalk.”
So, let me get it straight... If we wear a size 4 or 5
with a genetically slender-built, we are...
"Not Real Women?"
This toxic judgement is (by far) the most damaging disorder...

With the many tests for food disorders; to decide that all models (who are slender) must be starving themselves; is ridiculous! The reason we're chosen (on the basis of a genetically slender body-type) is to show fabrics and the flow of the design... Not hips and other body parts…
I am sure they will not do this in France!
P.S. Still away... Will (perhaps) return, soon." -M.B.

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