The Radicals' View of Imperialism

The largest complaint from the Radical Totalitarians of Terror, is the choice of the U.S. to act offensively against terrorists and their sponsors. After-all, the aggressive response of the US, continues to provide difficulty for Terrorists to "peacefully" (sarcasm) destroy U.S. infrastructure!
How dare United States of America act with such imperialism! :/
Yahoo: Attacking our innocence

How do Radical Fascists define a Nation with Imperialist characteristics? Well, they certainly do not see imperialism in securing Industrial World dependence; nor in oppressing the poor!

-Here are a few Modern Day Radical's clues of :
-The chief responsibilities of an "Imperialist" Nation-

1. They must give 3/4 of all World Aid (as others contribute 1/16th)
(While others complain about evil Imperialist Nations & Global Dominance.)

2. Imperialist Nations are automatically responsible for mediation between Nations who struggle for Peace, while pleading with others to come to the aid of countries in trouble...
(Even if negative world opinion sees that 'to assist, is to aggress'.)

3. While the World cowers, Imperialist Nations must maintain strength in order to root out terrorism and lead the World in quelling genocide...
(After all...Let those imperialists worry about it!)

4. Everyone knows that the President of an Imperialist Nation is automatically responsible for ALL Earth Changes, and ALL Terrorist aggression...
(Imperialist Nations, however, must not expect aid or assistance
from any of the World Community.)

The World is ready for every culture to show its leadership, but the sign of cooperation is made manifest in the ability of Leaders to honor individuality.

Not until age-old conflicts discontinue their recruitment of youth...And the burden placed upon the "Child of Propaganda", must cease to exist...
Audrador: Hamas Prop.- 06

Not until Radicals discontinue the denial of education and development and basic Freedoms of their people... And not until many parts of the World stop holding back the growth and development, out of jealousy, rage, and repetitious hate...

Until this time...
The Leaders of the World, will stand as a minority.
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