The Despot Politics of Chavez (the Clown)

Chavez, courting the United States needy and financially burdened through oil gifts and Bush-bashing; met (today) on a rocky-road with Democrats...

The Despot politics of Chavez (58% in the Venezuelan polls) and experienced in counting heads of those ' held ignorant and puppetized '...Continued along his campaign trail, seeking "propagandidates" on a tour of Harlem.

But: the poor and struggling of America are strikingly different than those of the third-World... They're street-wise, having experienced 'Full Freedom' to size up propaganda! (Due to 'repeat propaganda' of MSM)
MB's- Chavez: 2002- AP
Look at this for face-value... Despots have an affinity for the poor, like a peg on the wall for their hat… Once again, his irrelevant and Vile spew proved that, "what works in Venezuela, won't work in U.S."
But ya never know:
GOP Funds Ahmadinejad-Chavez Speaking Tour
-Last year's summit: Chavez cried that Bush was sponsoring Terrorism for harboring the televangelist Pat Robertson...
-This year he cried: "Bush is Devil, alcoholic, sick man with a lot of hang-ups;
... who walks like John Wayne ."

U.S. is about statesmanship (rather than antics) and I think that he either forgot to take his medication; or was improperly coached on 'guest etiquette'...
Someone even said that they thought Howard Dean wrote his speech! (^__^)

History: Chavez and the "simpatico" politics:

Mr. Chavez first came to prominence in February 1992 when he led an attempt to overthrow the government of President Carlos Andres Perez amid growing anger at economic austerity measures. Later arrested, he was languishing in a military jail when his associates tried again to seize power nine months later.

That second coup attempt in November 1992 was crushed as well, but only after the rebels had captured a TV station and broadcast a videotape of Colonel Chavez announcing the fall of the government.

Mr. Chavez spent two years in prison before being granted a pardon. He then relaunched his party as the Movement of the Fifth Republic and made the transition from soldier to politician.
blog posts on Cuba at The Truth Laid Bear
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