Spencer: A New Senator for New York

The safety of New York City impacts the safety of our entire Nation...
H. Sec: Helicopter Surveillance-05-06
It will take a level head, absent the furthering
"political agenda of 2008 Presidential elections"...
in order to keep New York safe from terror...

In 2005-06, we have seen the safety of America, being used as a political tool. When protecting with the highest level of surveillance is of paramount concern; Senator H.R. Clinton votes against PROVEN measures required to "connect the dots" of our enemies...There-by giving this message:

'You have a right to decide NOT to protect your Country!'

We're not experts in assuring the prevention of attacks; but the scourge and futility of the enemy should not be underestimated at any cost. With so few alternatives towards attack prevention than "connecting these dots"...
Who in their right mind would think of lifting
and restricting the need for surveillance??!

1. Terrorists, and their sponsors (of course.)
2. The "guest-visit" leaders of oppressed countries (of course.)
3. Those who believe that Americans infidels can develop a friendly accord with the "beheader-bombers" (of course.)

Let's not continue to add a lenient "New York Senator" to that list!

Support and Vote for John Spencer:
"The NEW Senator of New York!"

-Donate NOW!
-Spencer Wins 63% of the Vote!

"I want to start out with a message, Senator Hillary Clinton you are in for the fight of your life. I am looking forward to taking a real campaign."
-John Spencer
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