Non-partisan: B.Clinton Global Initiative

-It is said that half of the world lives on $2.00 a day...

Brings a tear when we think of those less fortunate who everyday, and in every way, struggle and often loose hope for their survival...

Whether these poor are amidst the dangers of Religious Radicalism, or soon to be victims of World Starvation; they are still a part of the uncertain future of mankind...These are issues by which differences in Politics have not begun to address today's hope for the World's poor; nor the urgency to support a common respect for nature...

The much needed, "Global Initiative"... begins today, in New York!
-Click-Image-View VIDEO-
MB- Bill Clinton's Global initiative.
A non-partisan catalyst for action...
-If you are unable to attend this project...Please click the image above; and view this VIDEO!...Despite our World of political differences; this conference goes beyond a simple reminder of our responsibility to help those less fortunate around the globe...It allows each country to take-on and complete just (one) specific commitment for the year; to positively impact the lives of those in need!
Each day impacts the Future:
Who we are TODAY, is a product of the beliefs of which
we are empowered to act upon... (^__^) -M.B.

The entire World can (and must)... work together...NOW!
While we're on the subject, I've said it before...With the World facing many serious issues; we need Bill Clinton to hold the replacement spot for Kofi Annan in 2007!...
Photographed -© by Mathew in 1992

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