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So what happens (centuries later) to those who dedicate their lives fighting for the freedoms of their fellow man? Evidently History shows that:

Those 'turn of the 19th century' Greedy European Imperialists, who came to 'grab everything they could get' in Africa; may as well have been forgotten by the turn of the 21st century...
But not this one...
Savorgnan Di Brazza
Savorgnan Di Brazza (1852-1905)
According to today's BBC article:
In the so-called "scramble" by European powers for
the mineral wealth, the rubber and ivory and the
territories of Africa at the end of the 19th Century;
... Italy didn't come out terribly well.

Savorgnan Di Brazza catered to the needs of the Africans...As a distinguished businessman, Di Brazza not only expressed a deep sympathetic, and undivided interest in their liberation and freedoms...He also took on the characteristics of the African people.
Savorgnan Di Brazza (1852-1905)
No doubt, Pietro Di Brazza's constant pursuit of ideals
of freedom and justice for Africans aroused criticism
by his masters in Europe...

After all...Self-interest was the popular mode of the turn of the 19th Century; And dreams of freeing those without privilege, was taboo...

Interesting though...More than a century later the descendants of King Makoko and the descendants of Pietro Di Brazza have also become friends... :)
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