Iraqi Questions Pro-Saddam "Anti-War"

-These (27) Questions written by: Dr.Nazad Hawramany ...were directed to the 'Peace mongers', in an anti-war, Iraq protest of (2003) ...Although they reflect the tremendous suffering throughout the decades by the Iraqi People; they were addressed to those who protested to prevent the urgently needed war against Saddam...
"Family"...Pano- 03
The Dr. makes a point of trying to understand why those who call themselves genuine peace- loving and anti -war people; failed to stand on the side of Iraqis to protest genocide, and defuse sanctions against the Iraqis, but (in fact) were only looking for the handouts from Saddam and his thugs...
#27.Saddam Hussein diverted Tigris and Euphrates and drained out the Marshes in south Iraq, a unique ecological system of more than 5 thousand years, just to suppress the Shiite opposition in south Iraq. Why they didn't demonstrate to prevent this ecological and human catastrophe?
-Start of Questions 1-10:
Question for the 'Peace mongers':
1- Saddam Hussein and his Ba`ath regime has murdered over 2 millions of Iraqis in the last 35 years. Why they never protested?

2- Four million Iraqis so far have escaped from Iraq because of Saddam Hussein into exile to save their lives. Why they didn't ask about the reason?

3- Saddam Hussein deported tens of thousands of Iraqi Faily Kurds, confiscated their property and abducted over 20,000 young Faily Kurds to unknown destinations, leaving their families in a limbo. Why they never demonstrated against such a Barbaric Act?

4- Saddam Hussein committed genocide in Iraqi Kurdistan and abducted 180,000 Kurdish women, children and men in the notorious Anfal campaigns of 1986-1988, and buried them alive in mass graves. Why they never demonstrated against this Barbaric Act?

5- Saddam Hussein gassed the City of Halabja killing 5000 women children and men in a few minutes in 1988, and tens of thousands with permanent disabilities and diseases. Why they never demonstrated against this Barbaric Act?

6- Saddam Hussein waged an eight-year unwarranted war against Iranian People 1980-1988. Well, no one demonstrated against it. He was hailed as a hero and a champion of secularism by western countries.

7- Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait und swallowed an independent and sovereign state but no one demonstrated against it. But after International Forces assembled to liberate Kuwait, anti war Peace Mongers appeared on the scene protesting against the War.

8- Why these Peace Mongers don't go to Saddam Hussein to reason with him to give up his power to avoid war and save Iraqi people?

9- Saddam Hussein beheaded thousands of innocent Iraqi women opposed to his regime in front of their children and families with impunity and labeled them as prostitutes. Why they never protested against this barbaric act?

10- Saddam Hussein killed thousands of political prisoners to death with gas and firing squads in the campaign of cleansing prisons because of complaints that prisons are overcrowded, only recently in 2001. Why they didn't come out to demonstrate against this barbaric act?

Continue Questions: here

Source: The theoretical basis of the Hindutva: "Hindu Vivek Kendra"
blog posts on Iraq at The Truth Laid Bear

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