Iraqi Justice (or) Safety for the Left

Using 'surface data' (absent conscience) to determine if Enduring Freedom has made Americans more fearful or threatened?...
Well, who can forget the millions of Iraqis (many of whom voted during insurgent’s gunfire) who formed a government in order to form a better life than the millions of family members; murdered by Saddam's regime!
-Democrats seek momentum from Iraq report
Image ©: Courtesy of Hadi Farahani-03
The Iraqi constitution... A historic document submitted on Monday, August 22, 2005; has become the most influential document produced in the Middle 100 years!

And even if the World community holds doubt as to whether 'Democracy for the Iraqi people' has either decreased world safety; was worth the effort; or efforts by which can be used as a tool against the current U.S. Administration… The constitution continues to hold a profound influence on the development of Iraq's early stages of democracy and human rights!
Please read an excerpt of a moving article by (London-based) 'Arabic daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat columnist': Kamel Al-Sa 'doun... An Iraqi writer (who resides in Norway) who justified the U.S. occupation and political rehabilitation of Iraq:

"Look at the mass-graves… [Lest you say] no more than a few thousands, 10, 20, 50 thousand… No, there are hundreds of thousands of bodies that have not been unearthed as of yet, hundreds of thousands of human lives who could have become a rich resource for humanity.

Every Iraqi, every Arab, and every human being should ask himself for the reason they were murdered, before he [waves] the banner of international law. We the Iraqis were candidates [to have the same fate as] the Hutu and the Zulu tribes, the Cambodians, the victims of the Holocaust and the millions of Russians massacred at the hands of Stalin.

Considering the blindness of international law and the apathy and lack of compassion of our Muslim brethrens… and supposing that the U.S. had remained silent and in a truce with Saddam, we could have lost millions of additional lives in wars waged by Saddam, his sons and his grandsons...
Read full story.

The insurgents want you to forget about the hundreds of thousands of Saddam's mass graves; But the Iraqis won't...
-On closer look, the murder total exceeds (may have exceeded 1.5 million!)
Mass Grave Unearthed In Iraq, yields thousands of bodies...
AP: 3,000 bodies found- (One of many sites)

Many of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis of whose families were taken away, tortured, and buried...finally received confirmation, after the fall of Saddam, by the "unearthing" of their remains ...In fact, many of the surviving families were notified, after the discovery of ID cards that victims had hidden and sewn in their clothes. They were told that Saddam was 'relocating them', yet they feared their demise. By planting their ID's they could secure evidence against Saddam for their families, before they were shot and buried. "CLEAR EVIDENCE to convict Saddam!"
read more

I hope for an end to the disruptions which prevent Iraqis from enforcing legal justice against Saddam... And more outrage with the groups who provide these murderous interventions today!... We must not be afraid of terrorists, as we seek to focus upon solution as a World community... But rather than gloat or fault; we must not try to shift focus away from the issue of, NOW...

Democrats Use Iraq Report to Attack GOP
-The account of Iraq is incomplete- (Whitehouse)

Murderous interventions are not just in Iraq...
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