Islamic Extremists & the Opera Jihad

Image: Karl-Ernst Herrmann: sketch
The significance of Art is best expressed in the mood it creates... And since the beginning of time, that meant an opportunity for growth and exchange across many cultures...
Today, Europe is threatened by Islamic Extremists, who continue to create their own definition of "thought provoking"... Germany's struggle to keep hold of free Artistic expression, is caught up with intimidation, and a cancellation of the controversial production of
Mozart's Idomeneo.
"The Islamic Extremists, add to their latest list of terror threat:
The potential for Jihad attacks against the Opera Association... And so today, a gathering of politicians and community leaders in Germany, will consider whether to adopt a permanent advisory body to determine the direction of Artistic expression...

It is hoped that threats, by a dominate group of Islamist extremists, will not over-ride Europe's Democratic right to self-express...
Photo: Claudia Esch-Kenkel/dpa

UPDATE: More information at: signandsight.
"Terrorist concession makes more Terrorist demands."
Opera withdrawn over Islamist threat

Excellent post by Captain Ed : Fat Lady Sings For Berlin Opera
That Depicts Mohammed
How all of Europe handles the retention of a Democratic freedom of speech (today) will impact the survival of Europe's Artistic Expression of the future... Surely if Islamic Extremists wish to dominate the future of European Culture, a hit at all phases of Renaissance Art; will be just the beginning...M.B.

Outside the Beltway: Things that offend Muslims:
Cartoons, Books, History, Operas...

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