You Know: In 1/10th of A Second...

An interesting new study indicates that people evaluate trustworthiness within one tenth of a second! So, you can see why the World is in so much trouble...
-Most do not trust their own judgment...
**** Great 3 min.Song! ****
(Except about the CIA)
Worth the wait!

IF the World would see with heightened sense of perception...
(as does a cat)...
We would see beyond the limited interests of agenda, view behind the scenes of media coverage... To view exactly what is really going on...And help others in 1/10th of a second beyond our own consequence...

...Beyond our own limited needs...


-Exercise the depth of the consciousness, and see the ability to go beyond the odds to make a difference...A simple concept, but a more complicated delivery...

"Do one simple conveyance of trust in sight, today."...M.B.

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