Water: A Call for Innovative Technologies

(Nasa; Nambia Desert 'ecological preserve')

As we observed World Water Week (ending today) there were many new ideas, exchanges, and challenges which reflect and impact our growing and shifting "shared" Earth...
President of the non-governmental World Water Council, Loic Fauchon, spoke to a gathering at the international summit on global water supplies... And explained, "We must stop attempting to solve the problem of water supply on the basis of macro-economic theories, abstract mathematical models, or inhuman restructuring plans," he said, calling for policies based on "feeling and solidarity."

-According to a Forbes article, the rise of the price of bottled water is at an unequal access to the economic ability of those whose water is not fit for consumption... German Martinez, director of the water system in Mexico City, went on to say...
"What we really have to do is get people
to pay for their water," Read full story... (*'_'*)
Wikipedia Photographer (c)
-I believe that ...
"With Earth experiencing consumable water shortages, water quality degradation, and destruction of aquatic ecology, and the entry into an anticipated growth of 2-3 billion by half of a century into the 2000’s.... Scientists may continue to alert the global community of the down-spiral of water availability, however, the urgent need is not only for a "required management" and development of a " radical transformation ", but the URGENT call for innovative technologies!... M.B.

Radical Transformation:
A study of the increasing polar caps in regions of the surrounding Karakoram and Hindu Kush mountains (Himalayas) and the diminishing water source of the East, will help scientists predict, and address better long-term control of water for irrigation and power supplies needed to supply the population’s needs via the building of Dams ...
-Meanwhile…The water tables continue to shift… Of what were once deep channels, have now become steep ravines and empty tributaries... Leaving diminishing water sources, an eminent global reality...

-In all corners of the globe, every species of wildlife, are effected ...In the UK alone, the average rainfall has dropped by almost 30 percent since 2004....

Before Religious Militant take-over of water rights becomes a reality (pushing millions away from survival)... We must utilize and share technologies with those less fortunate, in order that we might develop substantial science to advert this problem...

-Visit the UK site, and keep these issues in your conscious awareness...
(More later)...

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