Religious Clarity and the Militant Strain

-Michael: Coming to Angel Gabriel's aid-
Many questions and answers from a world blend of religious diversity... Regarding assassins who kidnap and kill under the name of Islam... The entire multi-cultural world is seeking confirmation that these groups of small international guerilla warfare have been disassociated, disciplined, and discredited by the true and peaceful followers of Islam...

"Holy Jihad Kidnappings by the
Holy Jihad Militants ???"
[Al Aqsa Brigades-AP:Nasser Ishtayeh]
-The al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades (A.k.a: Palestinian nationalists) pictured above, as they attend a funeral for one of their leaders...(Years prior)
To deny these guerillas a voice as 'Messengers of Islam', will take intentionality and public declaration. Not only by the full effort of the majority of Islam, but together with the whole of the International Community. Only then, will we begin to rid the Earth of these Jihad Militants...

Who are the largest mass casualties of the Jihad Militants?
Somali PM Accuses Iran of Backing Terrorists
(a.k.a: disruption of the last of the stable water sources found in African Countries, with recruitments and weaponry importation...)
-So far, the jihad movement has worked to hit the poorest of the poor, while facilitating the need to Westernize, Europeanize, and occupy the Middle East with humanitarian groups. The Jihad Militant Groups have provided services which include freshly imported troops & weaponry, for insurgence...
As soon as :
Somali leaders agree to end rift after crisis talks
-Sun Aug 6, 2006 1:00 PM GMT...
Thousands flee clash between Congo army and rebels
...More insurgence is stirred up.... (Just like the tactics in Iraq)

It is of concern that unless these terrorist groups are severed from the true principals of Islam, history may look unkindly upon 'Islamic Militants' as the maker of the largest on-going African genocidal humanitarian crisis, in the World...



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