TV NEWS: Stepping-up the Centrifuge

M.East -TV-
-Catch the TV News of Iran’s current nuclear stats, site re-location, and secret company (in the North East of the capital of Tehran) which aids Iran's "stepped-up" P2 centrifuge manufacturization.
Iran's latest disturbing declaration:
6 . 26 . 06 | In an effort to prevent a decision by the UN Security Council to impose sanctions against the regime, the First Deputy-Speaker of the regime’s Majlis (Parliament) Mohammad-Reza Bahonar reiterated yesterday that if pressure is put on the regime to adhere to the demands of the international community and suspend uranium enrichment then it is possible that “our nation asks the government to make nuclear weapons.” The state-run news agency ILNA reported his comments...
-Not only do 'tens of millions' of the world community (Germany, France, England, etc.) question the stability of a country who is (undoubtedly) willing to sacrifice its people, for a fully de-regulated nuclear program... Millions of Iranian citizens are questioning how they can prevent a cataclysmic event, of which they may be elected as this sacrifice...
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