VIDEO: Asteroid Deflection- Studies

Positional Studies seem like a long time away, but according to Astronaut Rusty Schwieckart at the National Space Society, who explains the question of asteroid impact in 2024; and direct hit (possibility for 2036)...The need for Congress to consider the importance of developing an official World formation of study. This will be necessary to follow, govern, and examine the time-line of 'Deflection criteria'; should an asteroid 'velocity change' to the 10th to the 11th Kilograms, deem necessary....

We may get Radar on 2013
Somewhere around 2014 or 2016, one may want to examine the math to determine the key hole. This may be essential to see what we may want to explore in relationship to deflection…
-Political ramifications
-This goal being a progressive deflection, as to miss Earth...Is to miss the key hole…
The current Math

The probability for the sighting, and miss of the 2004, establishes the need for study… Interesting (if the math is accurate along the centroid) it looks like 2036 might hit the Pacific Ocean...
-Directly 1100 Kilometers… See the wave height predictions…Predicted path... -Infrastructure loss and less life of people, due to warnings…
1 in 10,000 probabilities
Other Space-related thoughts:
-Oh, by the way, (before I forget)...
For those who will be in D.C. over the 4th; that clearly visible point of light amongst the fire-works back-drop, might just be the International Space Station. Read more.
The station will appear on the northwest horizon at 9:35 p.m. EDT, moving higher and into the northern sky before descending toward the eastern-southeastern horizon. At 9:40 p.m. EDT, the station will be in the northeast sky with an elevation of 50 degrees, meaning it will be more than halfway up toward the zenith, the point of the sky directly overhead. Just after 9:42 p.m., the station will disappear below the eastern-southeastern horizon.
-I suppose I should resist the temptation to add:
A quick "Arm-chair engineer" summary of the Discovery Launch:
It is my belief, that the longer this mission is delayed, the more problems they will have with this launch...These are precision parts designed to interact outside the Earth's atmosphere...

If there is an opportunity to send this craft unmanned, and a follow-up with Atlantis and the crew, to assure the International Space Station window, I think this would be best... -Not to mention a defuse of media negativity. :D -M.B.

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