Dissolving Relevance of 'Soap-Box' Terror

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I wonder what would happen if all of the World's Media were to refuse to print or air these Bin Laden/al-Qaeda tapes or stories… Or, perhaps, if all future victims were clever in refusing to credit them for their attacks... And curious it would be if counter intelligence was not available in the news, for terrorists to brief...

Think if these combinations would drastically reduce the order of relevance of these organizations… True, there would certainly be a drop in the extent that their voice would hold profit; but most importantly, there would be a huge communication gap in the very platform of their deliverance of terror...

If they are serious about the delivery of religious hate for non-Muslims, then there should be no need to continually announce that they are going to attack us. This is not the case...These "Qaeda clubs" keep popping up during times of "other" news involvement... A very important part of their existence is a confirmation of their relevance, and ability to use our media to help populate their recruitments.

A gross contradiction to the rule of true fundamentalists who refuse to divulge either their intentions or what they really think of a non-Muslim. They just attack. Is World media enabling them to become, "foreign policy"...Or enabling them a greater advantage to weigh-in on political events?

Perhaps the time has come for a world cooperation to move this urban terror out of the pages of news worthy events....
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