VIDEO: Missile Testing- And a Caution

I'm not saying that I understand the dysfunction, or the need for Drama, but I think I might understand how a Dictator would feel, when looking back at the relevance of the life they've lived, and currently live... In my opinion Jim Jong II is right in this position.
AP-Image-purportedly taken on 1 .18 .06
-From a Chinese television spot-
-And what is more ironic, is that I suspect that he is carrying an illness which is Liver related...Of course it is purely speculation...I cannot see the iris of his eyes, nor other signs, but I do see a grey, pasty-looking skin, liver-spots at the temples, images at which the hands appear to be swollen, and an over-all frailty. And while he is notorious for anti-America threats...his irrationality speaks more of "finality."

Drama: This dialogue he is processing in his head, at this point in his life, leaves whomever he directs his energy towards, in danger. He is literally capable of anything...Proceeding with caution, is highly recommended.

-As with Iran, we will see if talks might serve to defuse, and thus hold significance for them, at this time....

View Video of a missile Interception
-It's not the long-range Taepodong-2 missile, but Hey...

-Given the technology from other interceptions; we hope we can defuse the missiles which may come our way....

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