Tirade of Terror: Hamas Inc.

The "Strikes", which resulted in the deaths of Palestinian civilians on the beach, were met with: Israel's apology, and these new findings:
IDF: Palestinians may have caused blast
"We have ruled out the possibility that the explosion was caused by rockets fired by air or sea," an officer said. "The strongest remaining possibility is artillery fire." In answer to this new information (indicating that it may be an internal Palestinian incident) Peretz told reporters during a visit to the Gaza Strip division on Saturday:

"There is new information, but we should wait until the end of the
investigation since this incident has international ramifications."

UPDATE: LGF has the video shown to the Arab audience:
Cynical Palestinian Exploitation Watch
Peretz set up an investigative committee, headed by Maj.-General Meir Calify of the Ground Forces Command, and ordered that it present its findings by Tuesday evening at latest...
Palestinian's Ismail Haniyeh; Sweating bullets
Hamas calls off truce with Israel after 10 die
And the Death of the Hamas Security Administer...Abu Samhadana, a wanted militant killed in Gaza raid. Samhadana, founder of the Popular Resistance terror Committee was plotting a large-scale attack against Israel...

Hamas Statement:
“The Israeli massacres represent a direct opening battle,” The Hamas armed wing said in a statement echoed by its political leaders. “The earthquake in the Zionist cities will resume and the herds of occupiers have no choice but to prepare the coffins or the departing luggage."

The dramatic "Death to Israel" tirade is business as usual...But, I do not see how they cannot expect Israel not to defend herself.. Omert is ruthless.. And Hamas is down to their last Security Advisor...(Unless you count Amashad)
...There is much more that meets the eye, here..

In a Joseph Farrah exclusive :
Officials: Hamas decided to end truce weeks ago
A shocking interview details Hamas's fourth model of our Qassam missiles and the integration of Mujahadeen fighters to target military and civil buildings and compounds.. and, as they say, "could be" settlements in 1948 occupied Palestine (Israel)...
Islamic State?
As Hamas continues its integration of outside terror groups,
which continue to jeopardize the likelihood of a Palestinian
state... Have the Palestinians neglected to consider that they
just might be in danger of loosing their long sought after
Statehood to clutches of the Islamic Republic?

View Public Opinion Poll # 27
National Dialogue and Referendum
Evaluation of Institutions Poll (scroll down to see result)

Those blogging on this-
Inside the Bullpen:
Time’s up Hamas, what’s your answer to Abbas?

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